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Recap: The final four. SAE Dota League Switzerland Week 11 20-12-2017

Recap: The final four. SAE Dota League Switzerland Week 11

The regular season of the SAE Dota League Switzerland Season 3 is over, the curtains are closing and it is time to look back at an exciting season and the results of eleven weeks of competitive play with the best teams of Switzerland. Starting out strong, Red Panda Lifting was able to break into the ranks of the top four and make a name for themselves.

Previous champions of the Acer Predator Dota League, Honey, were off to a rocky start, but managed to recover phenomenally and find their form quickly, for an immaculate run throughout the rest of the season. Finishing with three losses, they are in second place behind mYinsanity.

mYinsanity has been the single most impressive team this season and goes into the playoffs as the clear favorite. Only conceding a single game leaves the opponents speechless and unable to find answers on how to beat the long standing powerhouse of Swiss Dota.

Ahead of the finals, SILENTGAMING is gonna have to step up their game and prepare well to stop their recent downturn and reclaim the position as favorites. Slowing down in the end of the season, they still made the playoffs convincingly and are surely hungry for the title.

Check back for more information on the finals and other news. Make sure to follow the facebook and twitter channels of LIONSKY to stay updated and join the official discord.

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