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Recap: Stand-off. SAE Dota League Germany Week 9 15-12-2017

Recap: Stand-off. SAE Dota League Germany Week 9

It has been nine exciting weeks in the SAE Dota League Germany Season 3 and there are only a few games left to play. A look at the table reveals the thrilling prospect that the last moments will provide. After the results in the last week, no team is left unscathed and four teams are fighting over the top three spots and the trophy itself.

The most anticipated matchup of the season thus far saw the undefeated squads of Sadfrogplayers and LeftOneTV clash last weekend. With immaculate play, both teams have been able to overcome any enemy in the league and were determined to keep up the streak on their way to the title. Any team that is able to walk away victorious would be in a prime position to take home the first place prize.

In a very even and exceptionally skilled series, both Sadfrogplayers as well as LeftOneTV gave it their all to achieve victory. In the end, when the dust settled, the series ended in a deserved draw, leaving the squads bruised from the battle, but far from knocked out of the race for the title. As the teams suffer their first loss, there are now three teams with a single lost map in the whole season. Die echten Shabos, Sadfrogplayers and LeftOneTV are in a stand-off that could not be any more exciting.

Also in the mix is Taktischer 4Kopf, who earned a default win over Brofesionele Bauchdänzer this week and are currently sitting in second place with a 12-4 record. The upcoming weekend features direct matchups between all four of these teams. LeftOneTV meets Taktischer 4Kopf and can finally go past their opponents in the ranking with a win. Meanwhile, Sadfrogplayers will face Die echten Shabos in what could be the defining series of the season. A victory for either team would eliminate their opponents in the title race and give them a huge advantage. Follow SaphiraTV on twitch to catch the action live!

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