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Recap: Series Spotlight – WCH vs mYi. Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland Week 9 09-08-2017

Recap: Series Spotlight – WCH vs mYi. Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland Week 9

After the series spotlight on another series of Working Class Heroes last week, that they won 2-0, now is the chance to compare and analyse their series against one of the best in the league – mYinsanity. Due to the number of dropouts the density of play has declined slightly, but the quality of games in the Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland is as great as it has ever been.

Not only the games, but the league in general is incredibly competitive. The top three teams on the table are almost inseparable with two teams at 17-1 and one squad with a 16-0 score. mYinsanity is one of them and has asserted their dominance in all matches played thus far. The only map they had to concede, was in the direct matchup against Honey, who themselves are favorites to take home the title at this point. Working Class Heroes on the other hand had been struggling to find consistent positive results and went into this series with an 8-6 score and a lot to gain. A win or even a draw would set them apart from the rest of the middle field and catapult them into striking distance to fourth position. Coming off a hard fought victory over Babos United, they had to be well prepared and at the height of their game to compete with the behemoth in Swiss esports that is mYinsanity.

Probably the most consistently amazing star of mYinsanity is carry Flu, who immediately showed the world why he is considered one of the best in the Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland. The first game was much less of the hard struggle WCH was looking to make it and much more of smooth and controlled gameplay from mYi. With strong, self-sustaining lanes, the squad from mYinsanity eliminated the possibility of falling far behind early and were able to play their game to perfection. All three core heroes had a relatively save time farming their items with Flu leading the gpm charts on his Juggernaut. Together with a turbulent Axe from Flux, who farmed very quickly and took over the game with amazing Blink Call executions, mYinsanity was quickly building their gold lead through kills and towers, exceeding 30k at 31 minutes. Without the Medusa even really coming into play, the powerful lineup from mYi and the unbreakable Juggernaut from Flu had already taken the base and game one away from Working Class Heroes.

Even with a disappointing first game, WCH had all to gain in the second map. Any points against the leaders of the league are insanely valuable and could decide the outcome of not only their season, but the league as a whole. As we saw in the SAE Dota League Germany, it can be the biggest underdog that takes the deciding game of the favorite and becomes the destroyer of dreams and ambitions in the most unlikely of places. As WCH draft and keep their hopes high, mYinsanity show no signs of fear or hesitation. With clarity of mind and mouse, they once again play their game and don’t get flustered by their role as favorites. Game two starts off right where game one left us. With strong lanes and a powerful pick off combination, mYinsanity knew what they had to do. Especially TwoEasy on his mid lane Storm Spirit was able to make a difference. In an unfavorable matchup against Imperator’s Templar Assassin, he was able to come out on top and take over the game with a very fast Bloodstone and Orchid. With slightly less farm, but no less dominance, mYinsanity showed WCH their limits and took home the series in a clean 2-0 victory.

When it comes to playing as the favorite, the games are less rewarding and much more punishing than the other way around, but the favorites in the Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland don’t seem to mind. Without a single upset the season is heading on its final stretch with the top teams in a stare down. The first incredibly important showdown, that might decide the outcome of the league, SILENTGAMING is scheduled to face Honey this coming weekend. If any team could walk away victorious, they would make a huge step towards the trophy. Don’t miss the deciding games, follow us on social media and the official twitch channels.

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