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Recap: Series Spotlight – WCH vs BU. Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland Week 8 02-08-2017

Recap: Series Spotlight – WCH vs BU. Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland Week 8

In a week with a few default wins and games reschedule, there were still exciting games played and the lower density provides the opportunity to look into one matchup in detail. Sitting right in the middle of the table, Babos United have had a very decent season thus far. With four wins in their bag, Working Class Heroes still had room to grow and were eager to win another series.

While WCH defeated Cem of True Sight in the first week and were awarded another two points for their series against dropout FeelsBadMan, their accomplishments thus far were not convincing, especially in the light of Cem of True Sight also dropping out. They had lost three series after the initial win and were tied for 9th place in the Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland. BU have found slightly more success up until this point with a 7-7 score, consisting of three 2-0 series, including dropouts, and one draw against Honeymen. The series between the two contestants was bound to be close under these circumstances and was sure to be a hard fought battle.

Game number one started off with a very even 25 minutes of back and forth with both sides gaining the advantage at certain points. Working Class Heroes played a very sturdy lineup with Spectre carry and Venomancer mid. Babos United on the other hand went for a more aggressive composition where Sniper was supposed to deal the damage, standing safely behind a tanky Axe and raging Juggernaut. While both sides were achieving kills all around, the Spectre from WCH played very cautiously and knew what he had to do to carry the game. Even with the map being very scary, due to an angry Axe and a Disrupter, who is always good for pickoffs, the Spectre maintained a decent level of farm and Abbadon was able to support him in the dangerous situations. It seemed like even with the strong late game heroes, Babos United was on a clock to finish the game. Failing to do so and giving up a Roshan, Babos was team wiped at 33 minutes and the game felt unwinnable in the aftermath. A very close and interesting game where both sides had a very clear game plan in mind and executed accordingly. Working Class Heroes took the first game in a well fought out match.

The second game started where the first game left off and the players dove right into the action. With contested lanes all around the fighting was intense and Babos United gained the lead at the start. Especially Wraith King was struggling and never really got a foot into the game. Luckily for him, his teammates were doing much better in the other lanes after the initial disadvantage. Mid Batrider and offlane Necrophos became the shot callers and leaders of the game. With pickoffs and constant farm on the Necro, Working Class Heroes fought back and established a solid lead by the 30 minute mark. However, Babos United was nowhere near giving up with incredible spirit and another angry Axe performance from R 1 Z O U R C E, they kept the game as close as it gets. In the end it resembled the first game in more than just the constant fighting and action. The carry with Radiance – Spectre in the first, Necro in the second game – and the powerful pickoff potential were the deciding factors to push Working Class Heroes over the edge and net them a very hard earned two points.

This leaves WCH at a 6-6 score with potential to go as high as fourth or fifth place if they can keep up the current results. Babos United falls to 7-9 but firmly in the middle of the table. The series against Team Dumpster at the end of this season will most likely determine if they can finish the season with a good or bad feeling. Looking ahead, there are three more weeks of play with the focus shifting back to the very top. SILENTGAMING remains unbeaten in first place, with mYinsanity and Honey hot on their tails. The Acer Predator Dota League Switzerland is sure to heat up even more in the coming matches, so make sure to tune in and not miss a thing!

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