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Recap: Front runner. Dota League Austria Week 7 14-12-2017

Recap: Front runner. Dota League Austria Week 7

Seven weeks into the Dota League Austria, the table shows a first division between the top teams. For many weeks, the league was incredibly close with multiple teams on the same or similar score, looking to secure the first spot. This week, both Schoarf in da Linsn as well as Generation of Miracles and mineral had games to determine who can stay in the running for first place.

The first place team of Schoarf in da Linsn had been immaculate throughout all their series and was looking to continue their triumphant run against Ruamzuzla. In a battle that featured Schoarf in da Linsn as a heavy favorite, their opponent had to look for an upset to catapult themselves out of the bottom ranks. However, with confidence and control, the first place team did not show any weakness and dominated their opponents at will. Prominently featuring Pudge twice in the 2-0 victory, they showed diversity and skill to take on any challenge.

In a much more important and anticipated matchup, Generation of Miracles faced mineral. Both teams were still close behind in second and third place, but only a win would keep either team in punching distance to the very top. Going in as the favorite, Generation of Miracles had only two losses to their name, just one more than Schoarf in da Linsn. With incredible display, mineral was out to double that and performed amazingly to make their ambitions become reality. Beating their direct opponent 2-0 puts them in second place and first to chase the front runner.

A little over half time, the favorite seems clear. Schoarf in da Linsn has been able to fend off attacks and beat out opponents convincingly, but the league has a lot more games to play. Make sure to tune in on SaphiraTV to catch some of the action live, like the highly anticipated matchup between Generation of Miracles and Fun und Freunde Schwadron.

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