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LIONSKY League Circuit


The LIONSKY League Circuit will be a league system for an infinite amount of teams divided into several divisions. The Best teams will end up playing in Division 1 where you can earn a cash, the next one Division 2 where you can earn product prices etc..

Division 1 –  12 of the best Teams (each Country)
Division 2 – Open (each Country)

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of every season, the top teams in each division will be promoted to a higher division, while the worst performing teams might get relegated. Other teams, will have to play playoff matches to make clear in what division they will be playing in the next season. This way your team can fight and grow to show the world you belong to the best teams in the LLC.

Division 1 –  The last 2 positions moving down & the 3rd & 4th last positions has to play in the relegation
Division 2 –  The 1st & 2nd position moves to the Division 1

Prize Pool

SAE Dota League Germany

Division 1 – 10’000.- EUR Cash price pool for each Season (per Point 30.- EUR & 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30% & 3rd place 20%)
Division 2 – Earn the place in Division 1

More Countries will follow….

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